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Swati Bhise (Director)

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Swati Bhise:

“I wanted to make this film to tell an inspirational story to a global audience. It’s an incredible story about a woman who fought for what she believed in. Her story is one of female empowerment, more relevant now than ever, and can be drawn upon to inspire women all around the world.”

Swati Bhise has had a career over the last 30 years in the creative arts spanning Indian classical arts, media talk shows, arts in education, women’s empowerment, choreography and film production. Swati is the CEO of Cayenne Pepper Productions and Executive Producer/Associate India Producer for the 2016 film The Man Who Knew Infinity.  She has choreographed Broadway shows such as The Transposed Heads and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. She is also on the executive committee of the Asia Foundation focusing on global women’s empowerment issues. She has had a lifelong stellar career as a Bharatanayam dancer spanning many decades including landmark performances such as the 40th anniversary of the U.N. She has also trained a generation of American children in Indian classical arts. She was the U.S. correspondent for Sruti Magazine and also the anchor of the TV program Spotlight on Culture

Swati Bhise runs the Sadir Theatre Festival which has been running for 8 consecutive years in Goa, India.

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